Doyu Gi and Hakama

Doyu specializes exclusively in Aikido uniforms, hakama and accessories. DOYU is unique as a supplier for Aikido dojos in that it provides a spectrum of merchandise from student level to high end equipment and clothing specifically designed, not for judo students, but for Aikido practitioners…designed for aikidoka by aikidoka. In addition to utilizing real life data for our design, we worked closely with Y. Yamada Shihan, Chairman of the USAF and Skip Chapman, Shidoin to design the perfect blend of comfort, fit, breathability and durability.

Designed for Aikidoka, by Aikidoka

Standard Gi, Basic Pants Set

Includes Standard Gi Top, Basic Pants, and Belt. Soft and durable, 100% cotton. Reinforced in key areas.

Standard Gi Jacket

Soft and durable, 100% cotton. Reinforced bottom, back seam, cuffs and hem, as well as a double-layer reinforced collar and lapel.

Honeycomb Gi Jacket

Soft, lightweight, and durable. Features a light breathable liner that works for you to whisk sweat away from your body and keeps it away with absorbent honeycomb fabric.

Basic Aiki Pants

Made from 100% cotton, these pants are soft and comfortable yet durable enough to withstand high intensity practice and approved by the United States Aikido Federation.

Cat Eye Premium Pants

All the features of our Basic Aiki Pants plus double layered reinforced knee patches from knee to bottom hem. The most durable Aikido pants available.

10,000 Thread Count Hakama

Featuring a high thread count and thicker threads, this hakama is made from 100% cotton with traditional indigo dye. Ideal for yudansha.

11,000 Thread Count Hakama

This hakama is softer and lighter than the #10,000 providing additional comfort and fluidity while maintaining durability. 100% cotton with traditional indigo dye. Ideal for yudansha.

Black Belt

Advanced Aiki belt.

White Belt

Basic Aiki belt.

Custom Embroidery

Custom Embroidery is available for all gi, hakama, and belts. Choose the text and thread color to make your doyu product one-of-a-kind.