Video Lab

Our Aikido Lab uses a unique “scrubbing” technology which allows you to scrub forwards or backwards through a technique at any speed, watch in slow motion, or go frame by frame for the finest details. You can create reference points by drawing on the screen and analyze the position, angles, and movements of your favorite instructors.

Demonstration Version

  • Study dozens of video clips of Aikido Shihan and Shidoin
  • Scrub forwards and backwards
  • Play in slow motion
  • Frame-by-frame movement
  • Draw on video to create reference points to analyze technique
  • iPhone, iPad, Android compatible (960px and above screens)

Enter Lab Demo

Full Version – Coming Soon

  • Demonstration version features plus:
  • Hundreds of video clips including common kyu test techniques
  • Advanced Features and Analysis Tools
  • Comments and tips on techniques by advanced instructors
  • Mobile Version to fit any screen size

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