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Instructional videos on Aikido, weapons, and Iaido on DVD and by instant download. Our downloadable files are compatible with PC and Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and many more mobile devices.

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Pendants and jewelry inspired by Aikido and made of the world’s finest South American metals which are traditionally crafted and polished by skillful artisans.

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Now Open! Gi and Hakama by Doyu

Superior quality gi and hakama at an affordable price.

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Original T-shirt designs for children and adults.

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Enhance and expand your children's program.


Enhance your dojo and expand your audience with our growing list of resources for Dojocho.

Aikido Instructors Organization

AIO will help you implement programs and strategies that will allow your dojo to be successful both on and off the mat. If the goals for your dojo include: getting more students, spreading aikido to a wider base of people, retaining students, streamlining dojo work, opening a second location, getting into a better location, going from part time instructor to full time instructor, exchanging ideas with other dojos,growing a successful business program, improving dues collections, joining a community of likeminded dojocho, and more, AIO is for you!

Studio Martial Arts Manager 4.0

Affordable, State of the Art Dojo Management Software

Let Studio help you spend more time on the mat...not in the office!

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If you are an instructor and would like to be featured in our video lab or if you have products you'd like to sell, please email us. Instructors, please include your rank, dojo name, and federation in your email.


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Post, chat, discuss, see photos, watch videos, or stay up to date on events in a community of Aikido students and teachers.


Ongoing discussion and posts about a variety of Aikido topics.


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Our Aikido Lab uses a unique “scrubbing” technology which allows you to scrub forwards or backwards through a technique at any speed, watch in slow motion, or go frame by frame for the finest details. You can create reference points by drawing on the screen and analyze the position, angles, and movements of your favorite instructors.

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Interviews, articles, book excerpts, and unpublished writings by & about O Sensei & Aikido Shihan

Contact us to submit information or articles about Aikido Shihan

Aikido Japanese

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